7 Beginner-Friendly Live Casino Games You Should Try


Are you interested in live casino games but wondering where to start? Live casino games are new platforms that let players enjoy games online with real dealers and other players. These platforms will allow you to play a casino game as if you were in a real casino. Here are live casino games that any beginner will find easy to understand for a pleasant experience. 

7 Beginner-Friendly Live Casino Games 

1. Live Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game played in casinos, with the prior goal of reaching a hand value near twenty-one. In live blackjack, you play against one dealer or multiple dealers. After receiving your first two cards, you can either take more cards or stay with what you have. The game is easy to explain and particularly appealing to newcomers.

2. Live Roulette

 Another non-complex game that you can in a casino is roulette. In the live ordeal or live deal, the dealer is given a wheel with a single number and places a bet on which part of the wheel you believe the ball will fall on. It is also feasible to stake on a precise number, color or the forthcoming number will be odd or even.  

3. Live Baccarat

Baccarat remains easy since you must wager on which side, the player’s or the dealer’s has a more excellent or closer value. Live baccarat is much like many other dealers’ games, where you bet on who you think will come out on top while the rest is over for you. And because it is a game of chance, you don’t have to bother with perfect techniques and high-level strategies.

4. Live Poker

So, do you think poker is complicated? Well, some variations are perfect for newcomers. Concerning live poker, the aim is to get the best hand out of the cards you chose and several cards available on the table. The dealer assists you through the game, and new players are usually introduced to easy games.

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5. Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is also easily categorized among those live casino games that can be easy to play. It is like baccarat, although easy to play. The dealer provides two cards facing up in a row- one for the Dragon and the other for the Tiger. It is just a game where you pick the card you thought would be more valuable. It is easy, entertaining, and suitable for those starting with online classes.

6. Live Casino Hold’em

 It is a type of poker that is easy to comprehend. In live Casino Hold’em, the participant competes only with the agent. Essentially, the idea is to get the premium five-card combination using your two pocket cards and five communal cards. It is concise enough and easy for the dealer to take you through these processes if you are new to the trading world.

7. Live Sic Bo

 Sic Bo is one of the easy dice games that anyone can play. In live Sic Bo, you bet on the numbers that appear on the three dice when they roll. You can bet on the dice total, high/low outcomes, or that a particular number will appear. It eliminates the need for the dealer to announce the outcome as you can observe it on a monitor. 

What are Live Casino Games?

Live casino games are a perfect opportunity to play in a casino. The thing with most online games is that you can not see the dealer, and therefore, you cannot communicate with them, so it is a more real feeling than a casino. Also, there is a social part because you can communicate with other players, and it is entertaining.

How to Get Started

 1. Choose a Trusted Casino: Make sure you select an online casino that has positive reviews on its live casino and many live games.

2. Create an Account: Create and validate your account to ensure it is safe.

3. Learn the Rules: Please spare a few minutes and read the rules of the game you are interested in.

4. Start with Small Bets: The beginners should not risk a lot of money in the beginning. Roll with caution and let yourself get aware of the game.


Live casino games are the best method to play games in a casino from home. Generally, there is nothing wrong with such games mentioned by many new players who practice themselves in online gambling. So, try them out at Live Casino India, and you will surely discover a game you will be crazy about.

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